Epidermis: The first layer of the skin.

Dermis: Second layer of skin. Usually a Dry Brown and leathery look.

1st Degree Burn

FIRST DEGREE: This is a minor burn to the Epidermis layer of the skin. It is usually superficial. The apperarence is red and blances of white when pressed on. There are no blisters. It usually takes 3-6 days to heal. Hospitalization is usually only necessary if the patient has a fever, dehydration (not enough body fluids) or has uncontrollable pain.

2nd Degree Burn

SECOND DEGREE: This is a burn that causes damage to the Epidermis layer of the skin and the Dermis. All types of second degree burns are listed as moderate burns.

Deep Thickness Burn

Partial Thickness Burns are painful and blisters. The color is usually red and moist below. It usually takes 3 weeks to heal. The final outcome is the change in skin color and pigmentation.

DEEP THICKNESS BURNS are ivory or pearly white. They usually take more than 3 weeks to heal. Skin grafting is usually recommended.

3rd Degree Burn

THIRD DEGREE: This is a critical burn that causes a destruction of all the Epidermis and Dermis. It goes to the root of the hair. A third degree burn is called a Full Thickness Burn. It is usually dry darkbrown or has a leathery appearence. Skin grafting is recommended.

4th Degree Burn

FOURTH DEGREE: The tissue beneath the skin is burned/destroyed. That includes the muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones. Skin grafting is usually needed to close up the areas.

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